At Q Division we  have 2 fantastic studios; combined they provide enough room for every size band and project. Studio A can handle a 15 piece live band, a large string section, or a vocal choir. Studio A also hosts video shoots and can accommodate a sizable crew in both the live room and our comfortable lounge. Our new Studio B (designed by Lou Clark) has been tricked out for modern hybrid (digital/analog) mixing, but it’s also a great space for tracking, overdubbing, and voice overs and podcasts. Thanks to Studio B’s ultra quiet spaces and cozy warm vibe, filming and recording podcasts with multiple guests is sounds and looks great.

Both rooms can support Source Connect streams, which are a modern day ISDN solution – we can send you high quality audio for hearing real time mixes, and supply high quality feeds for producers who are in remote locations.

We’ve taken care to collect useful gear and instruments from many different eras – gear that works and is versatile. People also enjoy our uniquely stocked vending machine, our location in Davis Square, and our spacious parking lot.