Equipment in Studio B

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This equipment list may change without notice. Pieces marked with an asterisk (*) are not available at all times. Microphones have their own page. Console

  • SSL XL Desk – 20 faders (16 mono, 4 stereo), 44 total analog inputs., and 4 mix busses (More info below)

Tape & Digital Recorders

  • Digidesign Pro Tools HDX, Running Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Alesis Masterlink

Fun vintage stuff you can ask for, but we’re not sure why you would:

  • Panasonic SV-3800 DAT
  • Alesis ADAT


  • Fulcrum RM28ac
  • Genelec 1031
  • Yamaha NS10 M
  • Yamaha power amplifiers
  • Realistic Minimus 7
  • Sennheiser headphones. Other options available upon request.
  • Hearback Personal Monitoring System

Mic Pre/ EQ

  • John Hardy M1 (x4) Jensen Mic Pres
  • API 3124+  (4 mic pre’s)
  • Nice Pair (2 mic pre’s)
  • 8 SSL VHD mic pre’s (in console)
  • API 512c (x2) Mic Pre *
  • API 550b (x4) 4 band parametric w/Hi & Lo Shelving options (in console)
  • API 554 (x2) with sweep-able frequencies (in console)
  • API 560 (x2) graphic eq (in console)
  • Boutique Audio Design 1073 Mic Pre & EQ (x2)
  • Pultec EQP-1A Tube EQ

Dynamic Processors

  • Universal Audio LA-3A compressor/limiter
  • Summit TLA 100 tube compressor/limiter
  • DBX 160x compressor/limiter
  • DBX 160xt compressor/limiter
  • DBX 160 compressor/limiter
  • DBX 118 compressor/limiter
  • Dyna-Mite Dual Gate/Expander/Limiter w/sidechain input
  • Pendulum Audio ES-8 Stereo Variable Mu Tube Limiter
  • Focusrite Red 2 Stereo compressor/limiter
  • SSL Stereo buss compressor/limiter (in console, only usable on main mix buss)
  • Aphex Dominator Stereo compressor/limiter
  • Altec 436c – two units
  • Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8X

Reverb, Delay & Other Effects

  • EMT Plate Reverb *
  • Lexicon L200 Reverb
  • Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Effects Processor
  • Orban 111B Stereo Spring Reverb
  • Various tape delays are available: Dynachord Echocord Super (German Tape Delay), Roland space echo and chorus echo*

Floating Racks *

  • Universal Audio 1176 rev D Compressor
  • SpectraSonic 610 mono compressor/limiter (original unit, refurbished)


Please note: this is only an approximate list of what we have for client use. Other equipment may be available for your session — there are always a lot of fun toys around our studios. If you have questions about something on this list, or need something that you don’t see listed here, please give us a call (617-623-3500) with any questions. If we don’t have it, or can’t get it, we’re happy to help you locate it.