Studio B

Studio B’s Control Room

Control Room

Studio B’s is the newest addition to the Q Division family of studios. The control room, which was designed by Lou Clark (Sonic Space), stands in stark contrast to Studio A and the old Studio B. We wanted to create a space that accommodates a hybrid workflow, one where a versatile analog mixing console interfaces with our collection of vintage gear. The “tape machine” is a fast and solid Pro Tools HDX rig.

While thinking about this new room we decided it was time to give both of our ears a chance – so we’ve set the engineer facing the monitors AND the computer screen, with the analog console set to the side. We also put outboard gear higher up, so that engineers aren’t leaning over to to make sensitive adjustments. The reason for this change in layout is that in rooms that have large format analog consoles (like our Studio A), engineers working at a computer screen (which, especially during mixing, can be the lion’s share of the day) end up with only one ear facing the speakers. We feel that everyone is better served having both ears facing the speakers.

Monitoring in our new room is provided by Fulcrum’s RM28ac’s. They complement the room – supplying full low end, super detailed mids, and highs that aren’t fatiguing. Lou’s design puts the monitors behind a black screen, which is a little disorienting, but really transforms the listener and the engineer’s experience and perspective.
The SSL we chose has a small footprint but features very versatile analog signal flow. The SSL desk also houses sixteen 500 format rack slots, which we’ve filled with both API and SSL EQ modules.

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