Sean Cahalin

Sean CahalinSean started as an intern at Q in 2009 and is now a staff engineer. He’s most concerned with facilitating the band’s realization of their art, and accentuating the “vibe” of the piece. He wants to find the punk rock in everything, from jazz to hip hop to punk rock and metal; a reflection of our existence and the necessity of expressing ourselves musically.

He also plays drums in I Was Awake, Autumn Above, Froggy & The Friendship, and Mother Ton, and once in a while gets to play bass.

Partial list of artists Sean has worked with:

As the Sparrow
Corin Ashley
Autumn Above – Blessed You’re Still (drums, bass, recording, mixing)
Big Bad Wolf – Tides (recording, mixing)
James Blunt
Brothers McCann
James Brown (the engineer)
Gary Burton
The Bynars
Rose Cousins
Crowfeeder – No Flowers (recording, mixing, additional vocals)
Will Dailey
Darkbuster – No Revolution (additional recording, mixing)
Disavow – Suffer. Slave. Expire (recording, mixing)
Disgraceland Podcast (editing, mixing)
Dropkick Murphys – Signed and Sealed in Blood (assistant engineer/engineer)
Zeke Duckworthy – Cumberland Gap (recording/mixing)
Matt Ellard
The Figgs
Fishing the Sky – Chill (aux percussion, recording, mixing)
Jamie Foxx
Froggy & The Friendship – Vote For Me (drums, recording, mixing)
Tim Gearan
Freddie Gibbs
The Juliana Hatfield Three – Whatever, My Love (guitar and keyboard recording, mixing of bonus LP track)
Hillary Reynolds Band
Ted Hutt
I Was Awake – Pre-Existing Condition (drums, mixing)
In the Meantime – Banana Split (recording, mixing)
Jerry Velona
Junior Beat – Is Back! (recording, mixing)
The Kapps – Spent, Not Satisfied (recording, mixing)
John Kelly – Goin’ Round Again (drums, recording, mixing)
Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One – Live Like Lions (mixing)
Javier Limón
Ross Livermore Band – Always Was You (recording, mixing)
Look Sharp – Super Look Sharp IV (recording, mixing)
Milton Marsh – (select songs) Not Far From Home (recording, mixing)
Mother Ton – Star 2 Mars (drums, recording, mixing)
Oh the Humanity – Tired Ears (recording, mixing)
Tiger Okoshi
Tigerman WOAH
Matt Pendergast
Tom Polce
Matt Russell
Session Americana
Skinny Cleveland
Street Dogs – Stand for Something or Die for Nothing (mixing)
Suffer on Acid – Spiral of Silence (recording, mixing)
The Suicide Dolls
Ryan Tedder
Hayley Thompson-King
Upheaval – The Burning Dark (recording, mixing)
Violet – Cur (recording, mixing)
Worst Days – Separation Anxiety (recording, mixing)