Joel Edinberg

Joel EdinbergJoel joined Q Division as an intern in late 2011.  He got into recording because he loves the creative process, and loves working with bands of every style, especially those that don’t quite fit in a standard box. He has since had recordings featured on various TV stations including Comedy Central, National Geographic, TLC, Lifetime, and the History Channel.  Joel is also a saxophonist who currently leads the Somerville Symphony Orkestar and is the Co-founder and Chief Musicologist at Vindor Music.

Partial list of artists Joel has worked with:

Chris Dave and the Drumhedz
Pino Palladino
Eli “Paperboy” Reed
The B-52s
George Thorogood
Jim Gaines
Johnny Townsend
Bob Metzger
Phil Lam
Jesse Dee
Cocek! Brass Band
Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
Cold Expectations
Ezekiel’s Wheels
Canadian Brass
Simona Minns
Sophie Dunér
Josiah Reibstein
Sam Dechenne and the Late Risers
Mike Valdez
Rich Dimare
The Van Burens
Amanda Maffei
Cholesterol Jones
Spacetime Satellites
Ila Mawana
Mad Satta
Parlour Bells
Xenia Dunford
Forrest Pettengill
Phil Berman
Stace Brandt
Sean Butze
Miles Harleston
WeiChen Lin
The Stepkids
Somerville Symphony Orkestar

Stuff Joel’s Worked On…