Joe Tooley

JTJoe Tooley began working tirelessly at Q Division as an intern in 2006. A graduate of AI New England, JT has been recording and producing immaculate recordings in a variety of genres – from complex prog-metal, to power pop, to chamber folk. You can also find Joe mixing live shows at Blue Ocean Music Hall, and all sorts of events at MIT. Occasionally you can talk Joe into taking his detail oriented self on the road with you to mix Front of House and tour manage. Joe Tooley is one of Q Division’s senior engineers.

“As an audio engineer I love almost every aspect of sound and sound manipulation. When it comes to the ‘sound’ of music, there is still so much unexplored territory as to how we can capture or simply amplify musicians. Discovering specific eccentricities of a band or an artist and bringing them out, whether in the studio or on stage, has always been the most alluring part of being an audio engineer.”

‘Quick Look’ Discography:

Rock/Metal Samples:

Indie/Alternative Samples:

Singer-Songwriter/Instrumental Samples:


Some of the artists Joe has worked with:

Against Atlas
A Hero Next Door
Sveta Bout
Buffalo Tom
Jung Bum Kim
Mike Burke
The Click Five
Common Thrill
Keppy Coutts
Death Cab for Cutie
Joel Decatur
Dick Derry
Dry Hump
Brad Durkin
The Fadeouts
Force Us To Stop
Four Year Strong
Andrea Gillis
Gravehaven (now Roman Traffic)
Emily Greene
Cedric Hanriot
Have Heart
Honest Bob
Meg Hutchinson
Josh Kennedy
Roger Miller (Mission of Burma)
Kyle Murphy
Mighty Tiny
Muy Cansado
Keith O’Donnell
Liz Phair
Steve Pyne
The Rationales
Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves
Robby Roadsteamer
Lisa Sans
David Saw
Satin Kittens
The Singhs (formerly Dragonfly)
Smile At Me Girlie
Frank Smith
Steve Smith
Trevor Jude Smith
Some Say Fire
Static of the Gods
Kim Taylor
Erica Wheeler
The White Roses
Yo-yo Ma

Some of the producers Joe has worked with:

Kurt Ballou
Ducky Carlisle
Mike Deneen
Mike Elizondo
Matthew Ellard
Ed Goldfarb
Crit Harmon
Rick Harte
Sam James
Jon Lupfer
Justin Pizzoferrato
Tom Polce
Matt Russell
Kris Smith
Ben Taylor
Tommy (from the Crash Moderns)
Ed Valauskas
Tony Visconti
Tim Walsh
Bill Wynn