Jason Bitner

Bitner Q Web Pic

Jason began interning at Q in early 2011. He’s currently our go-to archivist, and is often in charge of baking analog tapes*.

Jason has been an active member of the instrumental music scene in Boston since moving here in 2000, and has spent 10 years providing psychiatric care for brass and woodwind players via instrument repair. In 2010 Jason decided to spend his energy saving music that has already been recorded rather than the instruments used to create it… For better or worse!

“I understand improvised music, and have a knack at staying out of the way while it happens, but somehow manage to keep the ship from veering off into the rocks (sometimes)!
From my training and experience in instrument repair I have great respect for old technology as well, (I worked on an Adolph Sax Saxophone) and keep up to date on best practices in media transfer as well as the technology required to keep things from getting lost forever. “






*For other baking needs please see Joe Tooley.

Stuff Jason’s worked on…