Analog Tape Week – May 22-29

We’re turning off the computer* for a week!

Did you ever wish you could record in as they did in the heyday of the analog studio? Don’t get us wrong, we like the computer, but sometimes we miss the smell and sound of analog tape, and well, the whole thing is just very different. You can always record to analog tape at Q Division, but this May we’re going to make it a little easier by setting everything up ahead of time: tape machines, drums, amps, headphones, even instruments; not only that, we’ll waive drum rental AND the tape rental costs.** We’ll be renting out the studio by the day and half day particularly for our first ever ANALOG TAPE WEEK, where you can track basics TO 2” ANALOG TAPE. Are you interested? Drop us a line!

Please check out our FAQ on ANALOG TAPE WEEK, here.

* Actually, we’ll most likely be leaving the computer on so that we can dump your tracks to Pro Tools lickety split, and we’ll most likely run headphones from Pro Tools too – to take advantage of our squeaky clean Hearback headphone mix system.

**So, tape rental is 100% free; however, if you want to keep your work on 2″ analog tape, we’ll pro rate the tape cost and you’ll need a tape flange, which we’ll also have available at near cost.


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