Will brought in a gang of ace musicians to help flesh out his new album. They learned the songs and recorded them all together in the room - just how we imagined the space being utilized. Not only did these guys track all their parts live, they ALSO live-streamed the sessions a couple of times a day, giving fans a chance to hang in the room as tape rolled!

Alongside his long time collaborator and all around musician extraordinaire Dave Brophy, Will brought James Rohr, Ken Clark, Jeremey Moses Curtis, Andrew Stern, Cody Nilsen, Joe McMahon, Ed V, and of course Dave's studio assistant, Coco the Chill. Our very own James Bridges engineered, and Rafi Sofer took some pictures and set up the live streams. Videographer Chris DeSanty was also taping the sessions for a future video documentary on the production of the album.

Will was kind enough to commit to working in the space before we were done - in fact hosting him allowed us to learn A LOT about the room and some of the issues we still have to sort through, before we open our doors to the general public on APRIL 15!