Irresponsibles – Quality of Life

Quality of LifeJason Mcneil from AllMusic says “Judging by the introductory Self Sabotage song, this quartet is intent on recreating a pop rock album in a style of mildly independent slacker rock groups, complete with the explicit lyrics. But delving deeper into the record, the band walks a tightrope between art rock and pop rock similar to The Rheostatics and David Bowie. Having been associated with stalwart Adrian Belew, the songs have a subtle wall of sound supporting them, whether it’s the classical arrangements overshadowed by Andrew Kuhn and his hearty guitar work. In some instances, the basic rock structure takes a quirky turn in the chorus, with the results being mixed. The 4/4 time of Character Assassination devolves into a quasi-funk mode. It’s as if they’ve decided to sonically wear the song inside out at times, unafraid of the somewhat pleasant result. Elegant pop formats tend to suit the group quite aptly, especially during Great Unknown and the rollicking Make Some Noise. Caitlin and Lobster Boy rise above the other tracks, both have a rather infectious beat and sing-a-long chorus.”

Produced by Barry Marshall, and some tracks were recorded and mixed by Jon Lupfer.

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