The Blue Ribbons

The Blue Ribbons, a band familiar to anyone who’s set foot in Toad in Porter Square on a recent Tuesday night, recorded AND shot a completely live album in Studio A, in October of 2013.
They spent an afternoon setting up the band: Mike Castellana plays guitar, Jeff Charland and Tauras Biskis on bass and massive drums respectively, and bandleader James Rohr on our baby grand and synths. The Blue Ribbons sound a little like the Band at moments during their set at Q. They can extend a song, or keep it simple and quick. They’re all great players who are busy in multiple bands around town.
On the Q Division end of things we had Matt Beaudoin engineering the recording, and Joe Tooley working sound in the room.
The folks from Gypsy Pixel brought multiple cameras and shot both sets. They have released four videos, and a full length LP (which Matt mixed and mastered).

Here’s one called Foolin’ Around:

Another song they shot is called Gas Station Girl:

The first release was Magdalena:

Pig Rock Lane was the final video to be released online:

Listen and buy the album on bandcamp:

The Blue Ribbons on Facebook. 

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