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Mic List

     Microphones * (1) Telefunken long body U-47 tube (1) Neumann long body U-47 tube (2) Neumann U-67 tubes (matched pair) (1) Neumann M-49 tube (1) Neumann U-87A (1) Neumann U-47 FET (2) Neumann KM-84 (4) Neumann KM-100 with

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What happens when you don’t pay your studio bill (analog tape edition)

Jon preparing to use Joel’s bulk tape eraser. Note the care to be far away from other storage devices. 

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2014 Yard Sale

Here are some pictures Jon snapped at our yard sale the other day. It was our 4th annual, and though the weather seemed like it was out to get us (it even made us cancel our first date, then made

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Amps and Cabs

Fender Deluxe Reverb: Two mid sixties blackface amps. Fender Bassman: Late 60’s blackface model. Fender Pro Reverb: Late 60’s model. Fender Super Reverb: Mid 60’s blackface model. Vox AC30 Ampeg Reverberocket Ampeg V4B Ampeg B-15 Matchless HC-30 Amp and 1×12″

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