Reminder- Q Division Yard Sale May 24 10-2.

What’s that? After we postponed the yard sale last Saturday, the weather changed, and it turned out to be a beautiful day? Really? we didn’t notice. Just come this saturday, Ok?

Q division Yard Sale!

Tired of this photo? Come and help us take a new one.

Again with the text…

A bunch of friendly engineers, musicians and friends with too much stuff are once again getting together in Q Division’s back lot to clear house, or to trade their stuff for other people’s stuff. You know you like this sort of thing.

Plus we’ll be firing up the grill and having some good old fashioned hot dogs and other grillables, and some cold drinks. It tends to be VERY SUNNY. We recommend sun screen if you think you’ll be hanging out for any length of time (and we certainly hope you will!).

This IS the rain date, so unless it’s horrible, it’s on. We’ll update The Facebook event page and I’ll send another email if we decide to cancel. Let’s not talk about that anymore right now.

Q: Are you selling all the great Q Division microphones?
A: No. That would be dumb.

Q: Anything else?
A: Oh yes. There will be Q DIVISION T-SHIRTS!

Facebook event page is here.

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