John Powhida International Airport – Airport Life (BC)

If you feel like you’ve been waiting a minute for the new JPX album, you’re probably right. But, it’s been worth the wait!

The new release from John Powhida International Airport finds our hero J-Po (and an all-star cast) in top form. 15 songs of smooth soul, funk, rock, and prog-art madness on a range of subject: Relationships, drinking, procreating, traveling, playing hide and seek, the mad world of music, and the people who make it. Horns, pulsating synths, guitarmonies, searing guitar solos, mad harmonies; this album has it all.

Jon Lupfer co-produced and engineered a many of these tracks, and others in the Q family of engineers also helped along the way.

My personal favorites? It’s hard to choose when you’ve got an album of great tunes like this, but Ridgfield Park always brings a smile, and Airport Life with its nod to Bowie and Zappa is a real blast.


Related: We released a JPX 45 a few years ago as part of our Rock and Soul 45 series. You can pick it up here. It has two songs on it – Daddy’s the Man, b/w Surrender To The Disco Knightz.

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One comment on “John Powhida International Airport – Airport Life (BC)
  1. Jon Lupfer says:

    I must say Airport Life the song sounds amazing- I wish to make a special plea for City of Ghosts. Great song!