Amps and Cabs


  • Fender Deluxe Reverb: Two mid sixties blackface amps.
  • Fender Bassman: Late 60’s blackface model.
  • Fender Pro Reverb: Late 60’s model.
  • Fender Super Reverb: Mid 60’s blackface model.
  • Vox AC30
  • Ampeg Reverberocket
  • Ampeg V4B
  • Ampeg B-15
  • Matchless HC-30 Amp and 1×12″ extension cab
  • Marshal Superlead 100 head
  • Hiwatt AP-DR504, Custom 50 watt amp and 4×12″ speaker cabinet
  • Gibson Skylark GA-5T. We have two models of this amp, both entirely different!
  • Leslie Rotating speaker cabinets with preamp pedal
  • Orange 4×12″ Speaker Cabinet
  • Sonic-Cord 2×12″ Speaker Cabinet
  • Ampeg SVT 8×10″ Speaker Cabinet
  • Ampeg SBT 2×15″ Speaker Cabinet
  • Marshal 4×12″ Speaker Cabinets of different vintages with a variety of speaker combinations


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  1. […] Yeah, idunno what it was, but it was old as fuck, pretty beat up, and sounded fucking glorious. The studio website mentions a "Super Lead 100" and while my memory is hazy from this summer it looked a lot […]