Corin Ashley – Badfinger Bridge (Video)

Corin Ashley’s Badfinger Bridge is off his 2013 release New Lion Terraces. It was recorded all over the place, INCLUDING a studio called Abbey Road (as this video makes clear)!  Not sure anything on this song was tracked at Q; BUT, Corin did drag his 1″ MCI 8 track tape deck to Q for the sessions (where it still resides in Studio B. Remote-less and free of an auto locator, it makes the operator’s life that much more interesting!). 
Dave Mattacks played drums straight onto that tape machine, and Kay Hanley contributed vocals to a few tracks that appeared on New Lion Terraces.

This video brought to our attention thanks to the good folks at Daykamp Music who have a nice blog dedicated to music videos from local artist. 

Corin Ashley’s website.

The album was released on Elefant Records – visit them on Facebook


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