Adam Ezra Group – Ragtop Angel (BC)

The Adam Ezra Group hunkered down in Studio A for a week in 2011 to work on three songs for their album Ragtop Angel. The band wrote a great blog entry about the experience here. Producer Aaron Johnson (The Fray) and engineer Warren Huart flew into town and worked on the album with the band.  The band had this to say about being at Q:

Once in the studio, it was, simply put, off the hook. Aaron and Warren were a whirlwind of ideas, working with each of us on our parts, suggesting changes, adding cool sections and layers we would never have thought of. They worked with about 3 other engineers that week, and we were constantly taken care of.
Needed a mic adjusted? It was done before you could even think to do it.
Guitar strings? A fresh set already put on the guitar.
Drums? Already set up and tuned.
Lunch? Ordered and on it’s way.

We didn’t wanna leave! And watching the songs slowly develop and take shape over the course of the week was best part.

Check out the fruits of those sessions here!

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